Tai Chi for Everyone
with George Mera

Excerpts from:   Tai Chi
For Everyone with George Mera

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Tai Chi is a therapeutic exercise which originated centuries ago as a martial art form.  Chi is the life energy which circulates throughout our bodies along pathways known as meridians.  A balanced Chi is essential for health and Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise which promotes the proper flow of energy.  As the graceful, flowing movements focus your mind on each moment of existence, stress and tension melt away.


Tai Chi for Everyone is presented in a two-program format. In a 38- minute long tutorial, George demonstrates proper technique and variations on the different poses involved. You can then follow George through a 24-minute daily routine that will relax, energize and prepare you for whatever life has in store. Once you become familiar with the daily routine program, you can even choose to listen to just the soothing music soundtrack and the nature sounds recorded during the filming.


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Tai Chi For Everyone

with George Mera

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“Tai Chi is a vehicle of transformation.  Each pose is teaching you something metaphysically to untangle the riddle of your life.  The movements imitate the gentle wind, a pleasant stream.  It is impossible to catch the stream in a bucke or the wind in a plastic bag.  What is moving the stream, the wind and the universe dances deep within you.”


– George Mera




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