Chi Kung (Qi Gong) for Everyone
with George Mera

Excerpts from:   Chi Kung (Qi Gong) For Everyone with George Mera

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Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese art of self-healing using deep breathing techniques to strengthen internal organs and gentle movement for calming the mind.  Chi Kung counteracts the negative energy we encounter in our everyday lives and views obstacles as opportunities for personal growth.  Millions across the world practice Chi Kung as a method for maintaining physical health and as a path toward spiritual enlightenment.


Chi Kung (QI Gong) for Everyone is presented in a two-program format.  In an hour long tutorial, George demonstrates proper technique and variations on the different poses involved.  You can then follow George through a 24-minute daily routine that will relax, energize and prepare you for whatever life has in store.  Once you become familiar with the daily routine program, you can even choose to listen to just the soothing music soundtrack and the nature sounds recorded during the filming.

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“To practice Chi Kung it is not necessary to be fast, coordinated or strong – the only requirement is to be relaxed.  Relaxation means that this moment is more than enough, more than you desire.  Relaxation is neither physical nor mental.  It is your whole being participating, there is no goal or destination, just to be present”


– George Mera





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