Chair Yoga for Everyone
with George Mera

Excerpts from:   Chair Yoga For Everyone with George Mera

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Chair Yoga is designed to serve two purposes:  For people whose job requires extended periods of sitting and working at computers, it focuses on areas of stress and overuse; the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  In addition, for those unable to stand for extended periods of time, Chair Yoga provides a complete workout including the back and spine, hips and legs and all parts of the upper body.


CHAIR YOGA FOR EVERYONE is presented in a ‘chaptered’ format.  You can view the entire one-hour tutorial, or work on individual areas of the body.  These are:  the Neck, Shoulders, Spine, Hips and Legs, and Balance Poses using the chair as a support.  George also addresses basic posture and breathing fundamentals.  Whether you spend your days at a desk or you have mobility issues, CHAIR YOGA FOR EVERYONE can be the cornerstone of an effective exercise routine.

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“Chair Yoga is not a watered down Hatha Yoga.  The essence of any yoga practice is to know yourself, to awaken your inner teacher, and unite you with the entire universe.  The chair is the laboratory and the subject of the study is you.  How you approach the poses is how you handle any situation in life.  We are not looking for changes that are temporary in nature but rather transformation growing from within.”


– George Mera





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