Breathing & Stretching for Everyone
with George Mera

Excerpts from:   Breathing & Stretching For Everyone with George Mera

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Breathing & Stretching is a gentle, low-impact method for maintaining and enhancing flexibility and cardio-pulmonary function.  Diaphragmatic breathing is the core of mind/body health and proper stretching technique is the foundation for any exercise program.  Muscles and joints that have the optimal range of motion are less likely to experience fitness and age-related problems.


Breathing and Stretching for Everyone is presented in a ‘chaptered’ format.  You can view the entire 53-minute tutorial, or work with individual body positions.  These are:  Standing, Hands & Knees, Back, Sitting and Stomach.  You will need a strap or or soft cord approximately 6 feet long for some of the stretches and also a wall that you can put your hands against.  No matter what your condition or age, this program can be the beginning or the fulfillment of an effective exercise routine.


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“Flexibility starts in a relaxed mind and continues with a flowing breath and kindness to yourself.  The Golgi tendon organ can measure the tension that each muscle contraction has and protect your muscles from excessive extension.  With patience the Golgi organ will be able to stretch to its maximum potential, and your mental communication will be more harmonious and relaxed.”


– George Mera





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