The Nature of Chi

By George Mera

RiverChi is the force, breath or power of life which is present in every living organism, Chi can be strong or weak, fluent or stuck, Chi can also be acquired, controlled, manipulated, and stored.  The quantity and quality of Chi determines your physical strength and emotional-mental contentment in life

After your Chi is cultivated, it manifests in a way that enables you to acquire good health, longevity, physical force, and enhanced mental abilities.

When Chi is exhausted, any physical activity seems tedious, the emotional strength emaciated and the clarity of thinking diminished. We are at this time at the point of dismay and physical sickness.

Chi is disturbed every day in many ways, the cause could be the environment, the way we eat, or the way we host negative emotions and unpleasant memories.

For Chinese philosophy the mind is not an entity or a thing, the mind is a process. The nature of the mind is to have thoughts, so it is absurd to try to eliminate your thoughts.  You will fight a war that you cannot win against yourself, your own nature.

Thoughts are like clouds, homeless, dependants of the sky.  They should appear and leave, so the thoughts have not life by themselves.  Like any other thing thoughts have beginning, maturity and end. But sometimes we host thoughts that are negative and they stay too long, becoming the master of the house. 

When Chi is flowing like a gentle stream or the wind your mental outlook turns more optimistic and hope and purpose can be found in the simplest things in life.

We have abundant Chi in our bodies; we are part of this universe which is based on vibrations, energy and waves. Everything in the universe is vibrating, from your brain to the chair you are sitting on.

All living organisms, from plants and insects to humans, are all vibrating in a different way than the rest of the universe.  We all have vital force, we are in essence the different ways in which nature dances, although we might see differences.  In essence we are all DNA recombined, we are all, in a mysterious and veiled way, in the same soup, doing the same.
Mystics suggest you should vibrate in tune with the rest of universe.  When you are vibrating out of fear or anxiety, this vibration reverberates in your Chi and organs.  Then the energy starts moving too fast or too slow and imbalance and sickness appears. Doctors in traditional Chinese medicine can detect the imbalance in the pulse of the channels through which Chi runs, and so through acupuncture, medicine or Chi Kung (Chi Gong) they can restore the harmony in organs and bodily functions.

Chi is the way in which the earth vibrates, and it manifests in many forms.  It could acquire the form of a plant, animal or human.  We are dancing at the same tune that the earth plays but in slightly different ways.  The earth is dancing the same tune in which the universe is vibrating.  We are all expressions of the same primordial energy that comprises the universe.  The universe is an organism and we are part of it.  The ignorance of this interdependence of things, the mistaken sense that things and events are separated, creates a sentiment in humanity of conquering and subjugation of nature, without realizing we are fighting our own reality and us, so life becomes a struggle instead of a celebration.





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