George Mera's Journey

George MeraIt’s a long way from Peru to China. 10,000 miles, roughly. But there are connections that transcend distance… and time.


The story of George Mera is such a connection. Born in Lima, Peru in 1955, it took only five years for George to feel the pull from the other side of the world. He developed a persistent cough which defied all attempts by doctors at a cure. In desperation, his mother sought help in the Chinatown section of Lima.  One of George’s first memories in life is of the drive to Chinatown, the smell of the doctor’s office, the golden scale in which the doctor weighed the herbs, and mostly, the awful taste of the medicine.  But after just one session with the Chinese doctor, George was healed, and forever touched by the mysterious culture of the Chinese.  There are certain events that occur in every person’s life that impress their subconscious mind and somehow determine their path and destiny.  George’s trip to Chinatown as a young boy was one such event.


A second such event happened in George’s final year of Catholic high school.  His philosophy teacher was a law student on the verge of graduation, who in his last year of teaching decided to alter the curriculum, leaving out Saint Thomas and Saint Augustine and in their place expose the students to Taoism, Buddhism, Sufism and the Vedic tradition – all of which were forbidden fruit at a Catholic high school.  Under that teacher’s influence, George decided to become a lawyer and also to investigate the mysterious meaning of the Tao Te Ching and other Eastern philosophies and cultures.


Later, George went to visit the doctor he had met so many years before in Chinatown, but did not find him.  While wandering about the streets he discovered a school of Chuan Fa.  During his many years of practice George listened with delight to stories about the Tai Chi Chuan as a method of enlightenment.  He endeavored to understand the Chinese mind, their common sense and philosophy of life and to engage in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan.  Today, the fascination for the art is still flourishing within George.


George has been practicing Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga for many years.  All of his teachers have somehow been telling him the same thing, which is that there is no need to look for anything or to master or to progress in these arts, but rather to quietly ask the right question and listen to the inner wisdom for the answer.






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